About Us

Toys are made all over the world and have many age ranges and criteria they must meet.  So the question must be, what is the right toy for the right child!  How do you know… well unfortunately no one knows what toy will be suitable for which child but looking at reviews and how a child interacts with certain items can certainly help.  Lamaze toys are great for young children developing there senses and using there new found skills of touch, sight and sound, and then they can go to cuddly jelly cat toys or even Steiff bears, then more often than not children move on to dexterous toys where they can place shapely items into the right boxes.  Make items and then start drawing and creating new things.  On these pages there are helpful and useful hints and referrals to trusted and reliable suppliers of children’s toys.  Pl;ease fell free to contact us with your own reccomendations